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A Million Ways To Fall - The Masterlisting

A Million Ways To Fall

lady_deathangel ~*~ 55,069 words ~*~ NC-17 ~*~ language, sexual situations, some drug use, mpreg ~*~ Brendon/Shane, Ryan/Brendon, Ryan/Brendon/Shane, Brendon/OMC, Spencer/Haley, Jon/Cassie, Ryan/Keltie, implied others

Disclaimer: This is absolutely and utterly false.  Boys can't have babies.  If you found this by googling yourself or your famous friends, you definitely don't want to read this.  It will only scar you for life.  I mean no harm.  Please don't hurt me.

||Wow.  That's about all I have to say about this.  This is the longest thing I have ever written in my life and it was an absolute joy to complete.  I enjoyed every single moment of working on this fic from start to i dotting, t crossing finish.   And to think, it started as an impulsive paragraph that spiraled off into this monster of a story.

After almost four straight months of working on this fic, I don't even know what to say about it.  I'm proud of myself for finishing it and I'm proud of it for what it is.  I'd like to thank the organizers of this amazing Big Bang - airgiodslv, foxxcub, jocondite, maleyka, and shoemaster.  You guys have been unfailingly fabulous in putting this together and I can't tell you how awesome I think you are for giving bandom it's very own Big Bang. 

Thanks to ecarnation for a fantabulous beta.  Without her, this fic would be a hot, hot mess and I would have been an even bigger mess trying to self-edit all on my lonesome.  You're a life-saver my dear!

Thanks ever so to my Starshine, who was there from the first two paragraphs listening to me babble about this one time when Brendon has sex with this dude and gets pregnant, omg, should this be my big bang?  She said yes, so I wrote and wrote and wrote and she was always there for me to post snippets to, to bounce ideas off of, and to keep me going when I was dragging ass.  Without her, this experience would not have been nearly as fun and exciting as it was.  Thanks so much, darling.

Thanks to the small handful of people who caught a glimpse of this ages ago when I posted a snippet unfiltered and then locked it up.  I have exactly one comment and a couple of IMs from you that made me feel like maybe an mpreg wouldn't be a fruitless venture into crack-land.  You all really tapped into the heart of this story immediately and inspired me to keep on keeping on.

Thanks to adorkable37 for the fanmix.  It made me cry because of all the ways in which it is absolutely perfect and I'm so happy to have it as a soundtrack to Brendon's story.

I truly hope that this fic is more than just a tale about a pregnant boy, because it was much more than that to me as I wrote it.  Thanks to everyone who reads these stories and who encourages us all to write.  You're lovely and every word that you read and enjoy makes this even more worth it.  It wouldn't be as fun without you. ||

The Fic

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The Fanmix

A Million Ways To Fall by adorkable37