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Fic title: Among The Wreck
Author name: lady_deathangel
Artist name: moodilylit
Genre: Slash; AU
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Castiel; Dean Winchester/Jimmy Novak
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 110,473
Warnings: Violence, off-screen torture (not one of the main characters), temporary major character death, explicit sexual content, an instance of possible dub-con, extremely salty language
***Please note some of the art inserted into the fic is graphic in nature and is, therefore, NSFW.***
Summary: The fate of the world has been decided and two human vessels are the key to the final battle that will trigger the apocalypse. Not content to leave anything up to destiny, Heaven takes matters into its own hands. But a simple assassination is complicated by the interference of one of their own, leaving the future in limbo and the angel Castiel to pay the ultimate price for his actions.

But what should be the end is only the beginning. The angel’s fall from grace crash lands him in the body of a young Jimmy Novak as his soul departs. The process leaves Castiel with no memories of his celestial past; he knows himself only as Jimmy Novak, a sickly child whose overnight recovery is nothing short of miraculous. But as Jimmy’s life starts anew, Dean Winchester’s has all but ended.

It’s under these circumstances that these two boys come together and forge a friendship that slowly develops into something more. But their path was never meant to be easy and fate eventually intercedes, thrusting them both into the roles they were always meant to play: the angel and the hunter. The Righteous Man and his Protector.

Link to fic: Chapter Index OR The Prologue
Link to art: The Artwork || The Music


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Feb. 3rd, 2012 10:11 am (UTC)
You're an utter genius for writing this... ... I mean--- ...

And I'm sitting here on the verge of punching something out of sheer frustration and just----- Yeah, that's a good thing!! Mann, I could read 10 sequels to this, anything anything to soothe this ache in the pit of my stomach, yet still the ending was kinda brilliant and just right, so what am I even saying!!!

This brought me on such a roller-coaster ride of emotions and it feels as if I'm literally about to combust.
I feel kinda scraped raw and hopeful at the same time. Not many stories manage to pull that off, but this one... God, I love everything about it. Especially your Jimmy/Cas. But I mean EVERYTHING, really. No matter how utterly stupid, unfair, or a selfish bastard Dean is (----christ, I wanted to wring his neck a couple of times in the 2nd arc. How come he gets to be angry? He's got no right, it's Cas who should be getting apologies heaped on him... and then thinking "this is exactly how Dean would react in canon, chriiiiist"---), J/C just keeps on loving him, and I adore you for managing to pull that kind of devotion off without it becoming cheezy or cliché. It just is, and it's so believable that it makes me wanna cry and be Dean at the same time, just to get that kind of affection. The way you've managed to make these two guys so believable, fleshed out and real, freakin' real, makes me soar!

I haven't got enough words to describe how absolutely awesome this is, how gripping from beginning to end, how moving and creative and well-written. And how Thankful I am to you for writing it and making my day(s)!

Leaving comments aren't my forte but in every fandom there is THE story. You know. The one that you remember months after reading with a satisfying warm glow, the one that's so epic and poignant and inspires such feelings that you go searching everywhere for something that remotely resembles it. For that kind of story I gotta blabber off praise, my head's full of it, so yeah.

This is BRILLIANT GORGEOUS Work. Thank You:-)
Jun. 25th, 2012 06:13 pm (UTC)
Amalthia and I were able to (finally) get into AO3 to add 2012 to the SPN Big Bang Collection on A03

2012 SubCollection is here

And the Master Collection is here (if you have older fic you can add them here)

PS. Artists can now post their work to A03 -either as part of the Big Bang story post or as a stand-alone fanwork.
Jun. 28th, 2012 08:04 pm (UTC)
Wow - this really is an amazing story. I absolutely loved it and enjoyed every second reading it. Thank you so much for sharing!
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